Friday, April 20, 2007

Another wondering question...

Would this have happened in Korea?


And by “this”, I mean a tragedy on the scope and scale as it happened in Virginia.


I don’t doubt that this fellow’s own internal short circuit, combined with our own cultural short circuit, combined with the basic structuring of our society, all came together to form a “perfect storm” of sorts that ended with 33 tragically broken families and that at some point down the line this fellow’s own short circuit would have done him in one way or another.


But I wonder what that downfall would have looked like in Korea.  Would he have been afforded the opportunity to go to college?  Would his own personal short circuit have run afoul of society so much so that he felt like a total outcast?  Had he felt like a total outcast, how would his violent rage have manifested itself?  Would he have gotten involved in organized crime, or systematically kicked puppies on his way home from work?  Or would he have managed to get ahold of a weapon and liquidated his office, even there?


There’s no genuinely honest way to answer these questions, I suppose.  And pondering them doesn’t relieve the grief I feel on behalf of these families.


But I am getting tired of the constant drip-drip of psychotic and violent behaviors our society tends to produce so very well.  I have a child I’m trying to raise in this sick, perverted culture.



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