Monday, April 23, 2007

Stupid news readers

Just another example of how ignant the mouth breathers are on the news:


1 week after one of the most horrific shooting sprees in the history of our country, and fresh off of a week of talking about guns, safety, gun control, and a violent society we have a story about a former Miss America brandishing a gun at a couple of intruders.  She pulled her truck behind the thieves’ truck and wouldn’t let them leave.  Then, while balancing herself on her walker, she puts 2 bullets into their tire informing them that they won’t be leaving before the cops show.  Rather than reporting the story as responsible use of a firearm to disable the getaway of criminals who will be brought to justice by proper law enforcement authorities, they report it as a light hearted “grandma with a gun” story suggesting that brandishing a firearm should be part of future Miss America competitions. 


Fucking retards.


Very consistent message.


Gun bad, except when gramma has gun then gun funny.  Yes, gun funny…  except when scary bad man has gun, then gun bad.  Bad man always scary.  Bad man never youthful student.  Bad man never delirious naked woman next to husband.  Kill woman.  Kill husband.  Gun bad.  Good people dead because gun bad.  Gun make people bad.  Kill man.  Kill woman.  Not good.  Because had bad gun.  Bad guy always big, scary man with beard and dark hat—or a minority, can’t forget minority.  Minority with gun bad.  Kill minority.  Gun bad.  Make minority bad.  Make minority dead.  Scary.  Bad guy always in dark.  With gun.  Never in day.  Except when bad guy in day.  Gun with bad guy bad.  Good guy with gun good, except when gun make good guy bad.  Then good guy bad guy and gun bad.  Bad gun.  Gun with gramma good and funny.  Except when gramma delirious.  Then gun bad, gramma good.  Bad gun bad make good funny gramma bad.  Bad gramma.  Ban gramma.  Give gramma gun.  Ban gun.  Gun bad.  Good bad.  Bad gun gramma good ban gun.  Gun bad.  Except when funny.  Then gun good. 

Because we be so smapid.


Rinse, repeat.  Move on with your empty vacuous lives until the societal sickness touches you directly.



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