Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Yesterday's workout

Ok, so I skipped the gym.

I had to go grab our camera and it was too late to hit the gym.  Seriously.

But I did stretch at the house.  On Saturday we worked in the yard and my legs have been so tight that it’s actually making my back hurt.  So, yesterday and the day before I’ve done some stretching and it’s paid off today.  Tomorrow I’ll very likely hit the gym.




While I was picking up the camera my dad again told me it was a bad idea to run the marathon.  Said to be careful because when I get older I may not be able to move and be all achey all the time.


If I sit my ass on the couch today I may not be alive when I’m older.  I’m not going to trade in an active life for a sedentary life with the hopes that all the incumbent problems of sedentary lifestyle won’t lead to a full system collapse in 20 years.  I’d rather be active and healthy now with the hopes and anticipation of extending the “sweet spot” of youthful health as long as I can.  If that means I feel old when I’m 60 or 70, then I’ll feel old when I’m 70.  I’d rather feel old then than now, anyway.



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