Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Tuesday, January 27 run statistics:


I didn’t run.


Haha…  fooled you.


Yea, the kiddo is sicko, so I didn’t make my way out of doors last night.  Plus it was too dark/cold/hot/bright/humid/dry/rainy/fat for me to do any running at all, really.  Plus, the werewolves and killer pandas and dive bombing pigeons were just too much.


On the other hand, I wasted a considerable amount of time on facebook.  I’m coming to grudgingly accept that it’s not a complete waste of time (I was able to catch up to a bunch of old high school friends and cousins), but it is very nearly a complete waste of time.  There’s this game, Mafia Wars, that’s kind of fun, too.


Class tonight, no running.  Tomorrow, though, there is a very high likelihood that I’ll get a run in—maybe even 2 whole miles.  There’s that 5k in Conroe this weekend that K referred me to (Thanks, K.  Thanks a bunch.) that I might run.  It’s for a good cause and not at a ridiculous hour.  I may actually be able to wake up, drive there, and actually make the post time.


I’m so glad the election is over.


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