Monday, February 09, 2009

Not bloody likely

3 quick shots before I jet off to my opulent lunch time palace:


1.       It’s not bloody likely that I’ll be running in the Rodeo Run or the 5 mile Park to Park run.  Although, stranger things have happened.  I just don’t have the energy or time right now.  I feel like I’m perpetually behind in class, work, and home.

2.       I was lamenting over not having sprouts in my chard and beet patches Saturday, then on Sunday the little bastards popped right up!  Carrots have even decided to join the party in small numbers along with just a few head of lettuce.  Howabout that.

3.       I’ve been “tagged” on facebook with one of those “25 random things” lists.  So, I’ve spent the morning wondering what “random things” really constitute “random” and what “random things” are really carefully selected statements, thoughts, memories, or anecdotes that reveal something interesting, but nothing too revealing.  I suppose it’s a fine balancing act between being awkwardly introspective (which I am prone to do) and completely, brashly, and rudely standoffish (which I am also prone to do).

4.       I was never very good at staying within boundaries.

5.       That stupid little “facebook tag” will likely be showing up at the bottom of this blog soon.  I’m not sure why, though, my profile is restricted to people listed as “friends”.  I’m also not sure why I did that for facebook while this blog, a much more voluminous and open listing of thoughts that go through my head (and potentially more embarrassing, I suppose, as well) is open to the world to see.  I guess maybe because there are actual photos and links to others on FB and not here.  Hm.  Humans are curious and complicated creatures.

6.       I still may sign up to run the marathon in 2010.

7.       I missed the episode of Sesame Street that was brought to me by the number 3, but watched the one brought to me by the number 7 HUNDREDS of times.


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