Monday, February 16, 2009

Finally feeling normal

I know, “normal” is somewhat of a subjective notion, and totally relative to one’s environment and general mood.  “Normal” for me might be very, very odd to you, and vice versa.


Nonetheless, I am feeling “normal” for the first time in weeks.  No headache, no weariness, no nothing.  Yes, some things are weighing heavy, as usual.  But nothing traumatic.  Or, at least, not terribly traumatic.


I suppose what I mean to say is that I’ve finally kicked this cold.  It feels good.  Maybe I’ll get out on my bike later this week.  With school on Monday and Wednesday, a test AND project due in 2 days, and another project due a week later, and another project due soon (the exact date escapes me right now, but I know it’s not this Wednesday), it may be short sighted to try and squeeze in a bike ride. 


Maybe I’ll go for a short run.  I dunno.  The exercise might do me well.  The limited yoga that I’ve been attempting is an exercise in both flexibility and muscle control.  Not to mention overall emotional control.  There has been more than once I’ve gotten into some odd position (cat roll up? Barking moon?) and thought to myself “I SHOULD BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT NOW!!” and then followed that up with a deep breath and intentional stillness.


So, this is how the conversation went this weekend that expelled the headache:


Me:  I have a SPLITTING headache.  Everything is blurry and I’m having trouble focusing.  Do you think it’s a migraine?  I’ve had it for 2 days now.

Lovely Wife:  Are you seeing spots?

Me:  No.

LW:  Fingers numb?

Me:  No.

LW:  You’re don’t have a migraine.  Have you been wearing your reading glasses?

Me:  …

LW:  Well?

Me:  Yes?

LW:  You’re not wearing them right now.

Me:  Yea, well this is large type.

LW:  It looks like normal print.  Aren’t you supposed to be wearing them whenever you read a lot?  You haven’t been wearing them at work, have you?

Me:  Shut up.  You’re not the boss of me.

LW:  There’s a reason you have a headache, dummy.  No more studying until later today.  Close your computer, right now.  Lay down, close your eyes.

Me:  I don’t have time…

LW:  You have time.  Now DO IT.


I should know by now that a couple of weeks’ of constant reading will give me eye strain.  That’s what sent me to the eye doc a year or so ago in the first place.  It’s good to have a Lovely Wife tell you what to do every now and then.  Needless to say, the headache is gone and I’ve been wearing my old man glasses (ie, readers), faithfully all day today.


Oh, PS:  the research I’ve been doing for MIS has resulted in a “badge” for my facebook site (space?  Page?).  Still not totally convinced FB isn’t a waste of time.  Feels a little voyeuristic, still.  There is something interesting, though.  Back in HS you have all these friends and you don’t necessarily talk to each other all the time, but you kind of hang out in the same area all the time.  In my case it was the band hall (yes, I was a band geek, but I was a trumpet player, so it was like I was the king geek) and we’d all hang out there in the same place, but not necessarily together.  And there were others who were in the school, and you didn’t necessarily talk to them all the time, but they were still there, and you all had a presence together.  And when one of you was missing, you knew it, even though you didn’t talk to them all the time or hang out with them, specifically.  You know, you were just all in the same place together.


That’s kind of what facebook feels like, a little.  I’m not necessarily hanging out with these people, or really paying particularly close attention to the comings and goings of their life, nor really broadcasting anything particularly significant about my own life to them, but we’re all in the same place at generally the same time and we seem to have a presence.  Albeit a virtual presence, there’s still a presence.


I’m not sure that really makes sense.


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