Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Ok, quick running recap:


I opted to sleep in on Saturday and didn’t run.

I MIGHT run tonight.  I MIGHT also sprout wings, although one has a higher likelihood than the other.


“K” found me on facebook.  Yea, I’m busted.  Jon convinced me to explore it a little further.  I’m still not completely convinced it’s not a total waste of time, and I’m almost certain that it’s at least a little bit a waste of time.  I haven’t quite shaken that feeling of being a voyeur, but maybe it’ll pass.  However, I am beginning to see some utility inasmuch as I have a project this semester regarding information systems and new tech-tools.  So, at the very least, facebook can be a grade, not just a waste of time.


Also, in my “other job”, facebook might become a very useful marketing tool.  Not quite sure what that’ll look like, yet.  The idea is still bubbling around.


Finally, I have sprouts!!!

Beans are coming up, lettuce is coming up, shard is coming up.  Beets, carrots, and potatoes have yet to break the surface, but I’m sure they’re not far behind.  All of my tomato plants have sprouted and I thinned out the weak ones from the strong ones.  (Anyone that doesn’t buy into natural selection has never gardened a lick in their life.)  In a couple of weeks they will be transplanted into larger containers.  Then, if everything continues on this path, I’ll have 16 tomato plants—four plants of four varieties—ready to put in the ground come March 1 or so.


OH, and finally (part 2), has anyone asked Joe Biden to remind us about patriotism and paying taxes?  Hehehe…  too funny, too funny.


Blogger LeatherneckJoe said...

Well it does appear that the new adminstration is having problems finding qualified "tax paying" patriots!

12:22 PM  

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