Monday, June 29, 2009


Tonight I’ll be missing out on yet another bike ride and instead repairing the drain on the bathtub.  Yippee.

Meanwhile, the lack of rain and oppressive heat are taking their toll on both the veggies and herbs.  I’m counting a full month for sure since the last real rain.  Possibly 6 weeks.  It’s been dry.  Real dry.


Meanwhile, a bunch of famous people died.  Seriously, I don’t care.  My heart breaks for their families and friends, but it’s the burden that families and friends have to bear.  AND it’s a burden that’s a little easier to bear without an entire nation voyeuristically gawking at their pain saying “oh, he meant so much to me” when we didn’t even know the dead celebrity.  There should be some kind of “mind your own damn business” filter, but, alas, the self absorbed cretins who somehow feel validated by standing in the glow of stardom and following lives that are far more glamorous than the perfectly fine life they’ve been blessed with feel it is perfectly appropriate to NEED to know the precise circumstances about which someone who they saw on tv this one time died.  Because, you know, death is a spectator sport.

Meanwhile, thousands die in obscurity every day.  Is their family’s pain no less significant?  Can you not visit a random funeral home where an anonymous stranger lies and a child cries and not offer any comfort to THAT person?  No, of course not, that person was not famous.  You’d rather watch people die on tv and the internet.  Why mourn the anonymous?  Why try to comfort the living when you can just spin around in your pointless world?

What’s more the billions upon billions who are about to die and carry on with their day to day anonymity who you would be more likely to shoot the bird rather than smile and wave to, because DEATH is not a spectator sport, but FAMOUS DEATH, of course, is.

America, in times like this you make me sick.  Absolutely sick.


While you weren’t looking, the cries for freedom in Iran are still being brutally snuffed out.

While you weren’t looking, the Honduran President, who was working with Hugo Chaves to overthrow a relatively stable democratic system and install another dictator who elected in successive sham elections, was removed from office by the Honduran Congress.  (If you read past “Military Coup” in the headline you’ll see it was a “Congressional Coup”, but who cares, right?   There’s another dead celebrity.)  The United States—you know, the defender of freedom and liberty and democracy—is not happy that a constitutional government is protecting itself from a political coup.

While you weren’t looking, North Korea was still preparing to launch an ICBM towards Hawaii.

But don’t worry about it.  American Idol should be starting a new season soon.


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