Thursday, June 18, 2009

International Political Chess

First off, I didn’t run last night, but I did think about it. I got home from class around 9:00pm and, generally, when I get home from class my internal engine is running at a pretty quick clip. I was thinking on the way home that taking a quick run would be a good way to run that engine down a little bit.

But I didn’t run. Maybe tonight…

In other news the blackberry/apple jam turned out great. Tastes absolutely fantastic. Yum.

And another 4 ounces of berries came out of the garden.

Finally, what would happen if the clerics in Iran decided to “bring in the tanks”? Would Iran’s proverbial chickens come home to roost? After all, they’ve expended an obscene amount of money arming Hezbollah and Hamas as well as militias in Iraq. Sistani, in Iraq, has ties back to Iran, as does, I believe, Sadr. Both of those militias are pretty well armed (with Iranian guns and explosives). So, what would happen if the clerics in Iran decided they’d had enough of these protesters? What if the protesters win? What if the protesters win and the clerics are toppled? Does Sistani come back to Iran and try to resurrect the clerical regime? Does Sadr fill in the gap Sistani leaves behind in Iraq? Do Hezbollah and Hamas come back to defend the clerics, or the people (my guess would be clerics)? And if they do, does that mean the violence in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon will finally come to an end and we’ll have a Palestinian state? And how many rockets have been fired into Israel from the Strip since the election in Iran and the protests started?

So many moving parts over there. Such a fascinating turn of events.

Oh yea, and Japan is reporting that North Korea may test fire a missile toward Hawaii. But those sanctions are really working and we’re really serious about it this time. Which city must be sacrificed this time?


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